During its second year, the Philadelphia No-Kill Coalition continued its strategic efforts to prevent pet homelessness and increase lifesaving opportunities for all savable shelter animals.

As we celebrate two years of collaboration, here is a snapshot of our lifesaving progress and other accomplishments, as well as a look ahead at our plans to continue closing the gap in Year Three.

Lifesaving Update

We measure our progress – and the work still to be done – by the number of animals who enter ACCT Philly and the number that survive. We are working toward a time when only unsavable pets – those suffering with untreatable illnesses or injuries, or who are dangerous to humans – are euthanized, and every healthy and treatable pet has a home.

In 2019 at ACCT Philly:

  • Cat intake dropped over 5% to an all-time low of 10,327.
  • Dog intake dropped over 11% to an all-time low of 5,240.
  • The live release rate for cats & dogs climbed to 87%, an all-time high.
  • The number of savable pets who lost their lives dropped to 463, an all-time low that illustrates just how close we are to our goal.

This progress was made possible by:

  • The Help Desk at ACCT Philly, led by Citizens for a No-Kill Philadelphia and established in 2018 as a central priority of the Coalition. It is open seven days a week to assist pet owners in finding alternatives to surrendering their pets. In 2019, the Help Desk served 2,418 pet owners, and only 25% of cases resulted in surrender. The rest were aided by medical care, behavioral/training support, counseling, supplies, and referrals. Special thanks to Best Friends Animal Society for providing funding for veterinary care, which enabled dozens of pets to get well and stay with their families rather than face surrender.
  • Efforts by PSPCA and PAWS to divert intake from ACCT Philly and accept owner surrendered animals directly into their no-kill shelters.
  • Dozens of rescue partners, who transferred a total of 5,143 cats and dogs from ACCT Philly to the safety of their shelters and foster homes.
  • Thousands of foster parents, who opened their homes and provided safety to 3,225 kittens, cats, and dogs at ACCT Philly, as well as thousands more at partner shelters and rescues, until those animals were grown or healthy enough for adoption. Their generosity not only saved the animals in their care, but also made room in shelters for other animals whose lives depended on it.

See our First Year in Review (2018).