As members of the Philadelphia No-Kill Coalition:

We are committed to making Philadelphia a no-kill city where every healthy and treatable pet is guaranteed a home.

We believe that to be a truly humane community, we must work collaboratively to end the killing of savable pets in shelters.

We recognize the tremendous lifesaving progress we have made, and that our historic goal is finally within reach.

We represent a broad range of animal welfare services providers and advocates, each with its own leadership, missions, and programs, and all with an important role to play in the Coalition’s strategic plan to create a No-Kill Philadelphia, taking its place within the national no-kill movement.

We agree to use our resources, time, talent, and dedication to garner support for our collective efforts and to welcome community members who wish to join us.

We pledge to work individually and together to save lives through rescue, adoption, and foster care; to reduce the number of animals entering shelters; and, to provide pet owners with the services they need to keep their pets healthy and in their homes.

By working together, we will make Philadelphia a no-kill community where euthanasia is used only when animals are dangerous or suffering with untreatable illnesses/injuries, and where all savable pets enjoy the safety of a loving home.

Founding Members